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Leguano Barefoot Spinwyn Black Sports Shoe

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Light shoes for intensive training: back to the natural strength of your feet with the spinwyn

Full agility, full performance: The Spinwyn is our dynamic barefoot sports shoe. Thanks to the thin sole with hemispherical profile knobs, it offers a firm grip on any surface. The ultra-flat and light sneaker was developed for optimal freedom of movement during every training session.

A barefoot shoe that is primarily intended for sporting activities.

Leguano relies entirely on the minimal principle with the spinwyn. To put it simply, the shoe only serves as a kind of protective cover. Supporting and cushioning elements are completely eliminated, so that you get a barefoot-like running feeling.

The basic approach to all leguano shoes is pure minimalism, including the spinwyn . Its construction is correspondingly ascetic:

  • Zero drop : The heel is not raised like in other sports shoes, the shoe does not have a drop.
  • Wide cut in the forefoot area : The forefoot area is cut wide. The toes have a lot of space , which supports the running movement to the maximum.
  • Thin and flexible sole : The sole is very thin and flexible compared to classic sports shoes. This allows the feet to move almost as much as when walking barefoot, the sole adapts optimally to the respective surface and transmits sensory stimuli unfiltered to our nervous system.
  • The special leguano sole : The special arrangement of the hemispheres ensures that they do not block each other when the sole changes shape. Due to this property, it adapts perfectly to any surface. This ensures a larger contact surface on the ground and thus leads to more ground feel and grip .
  • Lightweight : With a size range of 36 - 47, this sports shoe weighs between 300 grams and 450 grams! Thus, the spinwyn belongs to the flyweights.


High-quality, stylish and sporty: the upper is made of breathable, laminated mesh fabric, the sole material is made of flexible , Leguano's own Lifolit-lg. This Lifolit is extremely abrasion-resistant and bears the title "non-marking" , which is particularly appreciated by indoor sports operators.

Wide toe box

A wide toe box allows the toes to splay to disperse impact and push-off forces. The balance is improved. As a result, you stand more securely and your body experiences more stability , since the additional space for the big toe allows the foot to be anchored, stabilised and guided. Unnatural stress on the joints and muscles is avoided.

Maximum grip

During the technical development of our high-tech sole, special attention is paid to the arrangement of the hemispheres . This ensures a larger contact surface on the ground and thus more grip . With fast lateral movements, for example when playing table tennis, the specially developed grip pad on the side of the ball supports a secure footing and prevents slipping.

In science, the realisation is gaining ground that cushioning and supporting high-tech devices in sports (running) shoes do not reduce the risk of injury. *  Since then, barefoot shoes - especially for sports - have been all the rage.

*Lieberman et al. (2010), Keenan et al. (2009), Brueggemann et al. (2005), Goldman et al. (2013)