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Bottle Irisana BBO IR71 Blue Tritan (946 ml)

Bottle Irisana BBO IR71 Blue Tritan (946 ml)

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If you are looking for new market trending items, we present the Bottle Irisana BBO IR71 Blue Tritan (946 ml)!
  • Colour: Blue
  • Characteristics:
    • Light and manageable
    • Useful life, undefined
  • Approx. dimensions: 23 cm
  • Material:
    • Tritan
    • BPA-free / Without phthalates / PVC-free
  • Capacity: 946 ml

Bbo Irisana is a “to go” bottle that filters and cools tap water, so you can take fresh and clean water wherever you want, gym, bike, field, office, etc.

It has a carbon filter that allows filtering more than 300 liters of water (approximately 4 months, depending on use) and that reduces the taste and smell of chlorine in tap water and a gel cartridge that, once frozen, keeps the water cold for a considerable time.

The bottle should be filled with tap water (provided it is drinkable) and used only with cold water.

The water flows through the inner channel of the filter and the gel cartridge, like a straw, so the drinking bottle should not be tilted.

Bbo Irisana can also be used without the cold filters and activated carbon.

Once the filters are removed, Bbo Irisana is a perfect container to transport and consume any liquid in a healthy and safe way, since it is made of Tritan, a material that is ultra-resistant to impacts and free of BPA

Capacity: 946 ml.

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