Sportyfood - First line of protein and low-carb foods in the world.

Sporty Food


We are distributors of Sporty Food in Ireland and UK.


Protein evolution Sporty Food products are made with a mixture of the best protein isolates on the market.

Protein is of high biological value, even when  food is made of entirely vegetable sources ( we are very careful with limiting amino acids). Protein is essential for those who wish to increase their muscle mass.

Furthermore, Sporty Food products are added with several nutrients intended to give more energy , power and muscle tone.

Active ingredients for your performance Sporty Food is a point of reference for those oriented towards a protein-functional and low-carb diet.
It is the first line of protein foods and low carb in the world:

  • to contain added active ingredients (creatine, carnitine, HMB)
  • able to meet the nutritional needs of a sportsperson from breakfast to dinner
  • to combine taste and the need of the athlete.


Protein evolution

Foods Sporty Food are prepared from a mixture of the best protein isolates on the market.

The proteins are of high biological value, even when the food is made up of completely plant sources (we are very careful with limiting amino acids). Protein is essential in athletes who want to increase muscle mass.

In addition, Sporty Food foods are added with some nutrients designed to give you more energy, power and muscle tone.

Active principles for your performance

Sportyfood is the reference point for athletes oriented towards functional protein and low-carb nutrition.

It is the first line of protein and low-carb foods in the world:

  • to be added with active ingredients (creatine, carnitine, HMB)
  • able to satisfy the nutritional needs of athletes from breakfast to dinner
  • to combine taste with the athlete's needs


Available from 2021.

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